Sunday, February 1, 2009

Learn the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing?

Stack And Tilt Golf Swing~Learn the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing?

Have you heard about the Stack and Tilt golf swing?

Well, thanks to two men by the names of Andy Plumber and Mike Bennett (who are currently teaching golfers their unbelievable golf swing method on and off the PGA tour) there is now a new way to swing your golf club. The stack and tilt golf swing was formed by who invented the swing "stack and tilt" to help all players find their proper golf form and to use the stack and tilt golf swing to hit the ball correctly each and every time.

Today there are over 18 pro golfers including Aaron Baddeley (who are currently playing on the PGA golf tour) that are using this type of golf swing! Why? Because they feel that they have more control over their golf swing and they are having success with it. The stack and tilt golf swing can help you drive the ball longer and will make you much more comfortable as you swing your golf club.

This method of golf swing requires you to turn your shoulders in a circle, so you always hit the ground under the ball in the exact same spot each and every time. As well as moving the shoulders the spine is moving too, the spine is tilting as you move to hit the golf ball.

This is revolutionary stuff, because we as golfers have always been told to keep the shoulders straight and not to move them. The reason why this golf swing method is called the Stand and Tilt is because your stacked up at a hips and to stay stacked your tilting your spine.

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Stack And Tilt Golf Swing~Learn the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing?

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