Saturday, October 15, 2011

Golf Swing Trainers That Actually Work!

The Medicus is the top selling golf swing trainer ever. Medicus golf swing trainers are coveted by amateurs who want to quickly identify any defects in their golf swing. These training clubs are also a favorite of PGA tour pros as well. In fact, the Medicus was voted the #1 golf training club by golf professionals an incredible seven years in a row!

For years now, tour pros and amateurs alike have turned to Medicus training clubs to keep their golf swings in razor sharp shape. But the folks at Medicus weren't content to rest on their laurels. Instead of only selling the hugely popular Medicus 5 iron, they have improved upon an already cutting edge design to introduce an even better crop of golf swing training clubs.

The Medicus Dual 2000 5-Iron Trainer, Medicus Dual Hinge Driver, and Medicus Dual Hinge 7-Iron are now better than ever before. No wonder golf legends like Jack Lumpkin (a former PGA champ and one of the top 100 golf instructors) and Mark O'Meara (winner of 16 PGA Tour victories) use and endorse these golf trainers.

The Medicus Dual Training Pack is a perfect choice for amateurs and pros who are serious about fixing their swing and lowering their scores. The Dual Pack includes both the patented Medicus Dual Hinge Driver and a patented Dual 2000 5-Iron. They've even tossed in a couple of ground breaking DVDs, the "Top Tips" DVD and the "Drive Like a Pro" DVD. To order yours, simply order online now.

Make sure you buy these training clubs from the official Medicus site, you'll get FREE shipping and ships within 24 hours.

If you do decide to buy the swing trainers on Ebay, CraigsList or ANY place else - BUYER BEWARE!! You may not get the FREE gifts like the Introduction to Stack and Tilt DVD. This astounding DVD will change the way you think about your game by delivering you a solution to achieving distance and accuracy that's so simple it's downright spooky! Best of all it builds on what you learn with the Medicus.

...and shipping time could take forever if any of these non Medicus sites have a weak supply chain.

Also, if you have any order issues with any of these non Medicus Golf Sites, are you confident they will be resolved in a timely manner??...

Something to think about...

Play well.

John Lynch

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