Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Finding the Best Golf Swing Instruction for You

One thing many golfers forget when searching for golf swing instruction, is that they swing differently than anybody else.  Golf swings are very unique in many ways and even though they may just be slightly different from one golfer to another, they are different.  You may not be able to use the stack and tilt, but another play might use it well.

Your physical make up can help to determine how you swing.  For example, a man with a large beer belly will swing different compared to a skinny may with no belly.  This means, each of these players needs a different type of golf instruction.  If they get the exact same tips, they might not get the instruction they need to play better golf.

Before you decide who should help teach you golf, you need to consider what type of instruction you need.  Every golfer is different and you have to find the right teacher for you.  Tips come in all shapes and sizes and not all golf swing instruction works for everybody.  Take your time before you make this decision.

A Few Ways to Find Great Golf Swing Instruction

1.  Ask the Right Questions

Asking questions before you choose an instructor will help you get the right one.  Some instructors are not very good at teaching beginners, others simply cannot handle highly skilled players, but most will be able to handle many types of golfers.  However, by asking questions you can find out what they offer and whether they fit your personality or not.

2.  Attend Clinics First

With any new teacher you can find clinics that you can attend (most of the time).  These are usually very cheap and will give you the ability to see how the teacher actually works with their students.  This can help you see if you get along with them, if your personalities fit, and whether they are happy teaching golf or not.

3.  Avoid Online and Magazine Tips

One of the biggest mistakes that golfers make is they believe all the online and magazine tips out there.  However, they don't always fit with what you need for your golf swing.  Make sure, if you are going to use online tips or tips from a magazine that you choose tips that have to do with the issues you have with your swing.  For example, if you slice the golf ball, then only listen to tips that can help you fix your slice.

By using the right instruction for your golf swing, you can do much better on the course.  Don't waste your money on lessons until you know you have the best instructor for you.  This will help you do more and you will be able to score better if you get the best golf swing instruction for your needs.

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