Friday, February 5, 2010

How to Learn the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing

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If you're having trouble hitting consistent golf shots with your irons (i.e. "fat", "thin" or weak shots), the "Stack and Tilt" golf swing may help!

While not for everyone, it basically involves keeping your axis centered over the ball ("Stacked") and then rotates around this axis ("Tilt"), with the weight starting slightly forward at address, and continuing to shift forward throughout the swing.

Removing the shift of weight from back to forward may help eliminate problems associated with a "reverse pivot" or incomplete weight shift, and result in more consistent ball striking -- and oftentimes more distance!

Steps :

- Set up with the golf ball positioned in the center of your stance. You may find you need to adjust this location depending on personal preferences (such as moving long irons slightly forward), but it is a good starting place.
- Your hips, and shoulders should be centered over the ball and there should be no significant lean.
- Weight should be approximately 55% to the front foot.

- Your weight should also be on the balls of your feet, not your heels!
- On the backswing, the head remains centered over the ball, and weight increases to approximately 65% over the front leg. The front leg will flex while the back leg will straighten slightly natural move to allow loading of weight to continue forward.
- The natural tilt of the spine at this point will feel like the body is tilted forward -- but from the straight-on view is actually centered over the ball. Turn the shoulders on a steeper angle and keep the lead arm across your chest as you approach the top of the swing (the lead shoulder will be close to the chin). Keep the elbow of your trailing arm close to your body. This will help prevent you from leaning back too much.
Stack and Tilt: Setup (Photos shot from slightly forward aspect)

On the forward swing, the weight continues to move forward and through with the hips pivoting strongly and pushing forward (like the feeling of a standing long jump).
Stack and Tilt: Top of Backswing

At the finish (like the traditional swing), the torso will have moved forward and the butt will tuck under the picture the golfer in the PGA Tour logo.
Stack and Tilt: Just past impact

Stack and Tilt: Finish

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