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Stack and Tilt - The Golf Swing of the Future

Stack And Tilt Golf Swing~Stack and Tilt - The Golf Swing of the Future

The Stack and Tilt golf swing has widely been acclaimed as the golf swing of the future. Many PGA tour players are adopting this golf swing mainly for the consistency it brings to their games. If PGA tour players are using this new swing, can it also help the recreational player?

The Stack And Tilt Golf Swing was developed by swing teachers Andy Plummer and Mike Bennett and is considered somewhat of a revolutionary golf swing that keeps your weight stacked over the ball for better ball contact.

The Stack And Tilt Golf Swing is based on simple concepts, but certainly deviates from conventional swing standards. The biggest difference between the two swings is weight shift. The conventional swing emphasizes a weight shift. The Stack And Tilt Golf Swing on the other hand, keeps the body over the ball and your weight stays on the front foot throughout the swing.

What does the Stack And Tilt Golf Swing bring to the table? As previously mentioned, consistency is the biggest benefit. Increased distance is another rave. A main component of this new swing is to "load up" on the left side. When you can fully load a shot and a good release follows, increased distance will be the result. Another aspect is a simpler golf swing with less moving parts. The conventional golf swing has been labeled complex and subsequently difficult to repeat.

So which PGA tour players made the switch to the Stack And Tilt Golf Swing? Aaron Baddeley and Mike Weir are two of the better known players to praise and change to the swing. Some others include Dean Wilson, Charlie Wi, and Eric Axley. But it certainly doesn't stop there. Many other tour players are beginning to see this as a swing that will bring a consistency to their games.

Recreational players can definitely benefit from this golf swing. Simplifying the golf swing should be the goal of every golfer. Yes, it does introduce different mechanics to the swing. But a simpler, repeatable golf swing should in theory, be easier to learn and teach. If this swing can simply be another method of teaching the golf swing, it would become more widely accepted. Certainly not every golfer should go out and change their swing. Some golfers would benefit more than others from the Stack And Tilt Golf Swing while others would be better to learn the conventional swing. But allowing golfers to choose one method over another would in my opinion, provide a betterment for the game.

The Stack And Tilt Golf Swing definitely has a place in golf. Any golfer looking to add consistency and distance to their game, should seriously look at this swing method. It is certainly a swing of the future.

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Stack And Tilt Golf Swing~Stack and Tilt - The Golf Swing of the Future

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