Friday, March 20, 2009

How to Do a Stack and Tilt Golf Swing

Stack And Tilt Golf Swing~How to Do a Stack and Tilt Golf Swing

If you spend any time at all watching The Golf Channel, you've probably become aware of a new way to swing a golf club that has gotten the attention of golfers everywhere. It's called the Stack and Tilt Golf Swing, a technique being promoted by golf coaches Mike Bennett and Andy Plummer. PGA players like Aaron Baddeley, Mike Weir and new-comer Charlie Wi swear by this method and say that it both helps them hit the golf ball farther and improves their accuracy. Learn how to do a stack and tilt golf swing and decide if it is right for your game.

Be prepared to totally change the way you approach your shots. Instead of shifting your weight to your back foot during your backswing and then moving it to your front foot during your downswing, you will keep your weight on your front foot throughout your swing. In fact, you will move your weight more directly over your front foot during your backswing, anathema to golfers who swing traditionally. This swing is a bit like the “reverse pivot” which older golfers might remember.

The Stack and Tilt swing requires that you change your leg action. Till now, you have been taught to keep your knees slightly bent throughout the swing and your torso slightly bowed. With the Stack and Tilt swing, your back leg will straighten at the top of your swing, and drive what's left of your weight to your front side during the downswing.

Press into your front foot at the takeaway and create a steeper backswing than normal. That will result in greater consistency and fewer topped shots; and since your trajectory will be lower, you will hit your tee shots longer because, in most cases, you will improve the ball's run on many fairways.

Enjoy playing golf more using a Stack and TilBoldt swing because the chances are you will hit the golf ball more squarely and precisely employing the Stack and Tilt swing than the one you are currently using. Furthermore, since your new swing de-emphasizes the weigh shift, you will be less likely to turn your golf ball into a “moBoldving target.” Also, since you will be keeping your weight on the front foot throughout the swing, your swing will be steeper and you will be less likely to hit the ball either fat or thin.

Stack And Tilt Golf Swing~How to Do a Stack and Tilt Golf Swing

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